Which Sutter Home Wine Are You?

| Posted by Heather for Sutter Home

Do you love digging your toes in the sand with the sun on your back? How about splashing around in the water with a few good friends? Is the beach always calling your name? 

Which Sutter Home Wine are you?

Sounds like you are fun loving and sweet just like our Sutter Home Pink Moscato. You two always know how to keep the good times coming and friends laughing. Cheers!  

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Submitted by Paula Smith Reeves on

August 20th will be our 34th Anniversary every year always toasted with Sutter Home. May God Bless you and us anothet 34

Submitted by kendall nelson on

I love Sutter Homes, it relaxes me so well. Been sick so I'm always wanting to relax and needing more of it .

Submitted by Shan Deemer---(... on

I found my favorite wine ( Sutter Home...Sweet White ) and now there is no way for me to get it. :(

Submitted by cherise on


Submitted by Rhonda G on

White zin

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