New Year's Resolution: Try New Wines

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

A new year is a time to start fresh - try new things, make plans for a fun vacation, take a class, learn how to cook - the list is endless! We have one to add to your list of New Year's Resolutions: Try new wines! We make twenty (!) wine types for you to try. Visit our website to see the wine list and our estore to buy straight from us. Tip: Buy 187ml mini bottles to try new wines! These little guys are the perfect single serve test bottles. If you aren't a fan of a new type of wine, you can use the leftovers to cook with!

What type of wine do you want to try this year?


Submitted by Kimberly Southworth on


Submitted by Nancy on

I would like to know where I can buy the mini bottles of wine from, I need it in bulk 50-75 bottles

Submitted by Tanya Medrano on

can I buy in bulk? I'm having a wedding in April 2015 and I need to purchase 70 of these

Submitted by Laura Brock on

can I buy in bulk? I'm throwing a baby shower in May 2016 and I need to purchase about 60 of these.

Submitted by Sophia on

My friend have a wedding coming up and I would love to give her a bulk of mini wine bottles. I live in Connecticut. East Haven to be exact. Can you please tell me the closet winery. Where I can save money. Thank you

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