Drink in Our Story: From Homegrown Grapes to Sutter Home Moscato​ ​

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Drink in Our Story: From Homegrown Grapes to Sutter Home Moscato​ ​

Sutter Home Moscato was the very first wine our Sutter Home family ever produced. So you could say we know our way around this fragrant and floral grape. Selected from premium vineyards from around California, the grapes enjoy long sunny days and develop a beautiful aroma of rose and lychee as well as bright flavors of sweet, creamy peaches and honeydew melon.​

When creating our Sutter Home Moscato, we age it entirely in stainless steel tanks. This maintains the wine’s refreshing acidity and preserves its fresh, fragrant aromas and flavors. ​

Sutter Home Moscato is perfectly at home in your kitchen as well, with its crisp acidity bringing out the best in spicy foods such as Thai and Indian cuisine. The adaptability of our Sutter Home Moscato — a little sweet and very likeable — makes it a real crowd-pleaser and the ideal companion for any gathering of light cheeses, fruits, desserts, and loved ones. ​​

If you’re a fan of Sutter Home Moscato, you’ll also want to give our Sutter Home Red Moscato, White Zinfandel, and ​White Merlot a swirl, sniff, and sip. They all bring you a taste of the good life, at a fair price, every day. http://www.sutterhome.com/wine#.WRoAlVMrJsM

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