Red [Hot] Moscato Summer

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We’re dubbing this season as Red [Hot] Moscato Summer and enjoying sweet wine, seasonal fruit, and lots of sunshine.  With so much fresh produce available during the summer months, we love heading out to our nearest farmer’s market to pick up a few items to use in a dinner party menu. So, don your floppy summer hat, grab your reusable grocery bag and pick up some fruits and veggies that are currently in-season, such as figs, watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini, peaches, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, plums, cucumbers and apricots – to name a few. While you’re there, make sure to select a few varieties of artisan cheeses for appetizers and bouquets of fresh flowers to dress up your décor.

Once your market-fresh menu is planned, choose a wine varietal – or varietals - to share with your guests. With hints of sweet Moscato and the berry undertones of full flavored Merlot, we suggest opting for Sutter Home Red Moscato which pairs perfectly with summer produce, spicy BBQ, sweet treats and warm nights with friends. Need a little more inspiration? We’ve listed a few of our favorite summer dishes to pair with a refreshing glass of Red Moscato and you can find the recipes on our Pinterest board.

Like our Red Moscato? We’d love to hear your favorite ways to enjoy a glass in the comments below.


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Hi Susan - You should be able to find our Red Moscato at a retail location near you. If your local retailer does not carry this varietal, request that they do so that you can try some!

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