What's Happening with Build a Better Burger?

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

You may have noticed we changed up some dates on Sutter Home Build a Better Burger this year. Here's a quick timeline overview so you know what to expect and when:


  • Now: Recipes are being reviewed by our culinary staff
  • January 2013: Finalists are announced
  • January - May 2013: Our Build a Better Burger PR tour kicks off
  • May 2013: Cookoff
  • May 2013: Recipe contest opens (closes around Labor Day weekend)

Stay tuned here, on Twitter (@sutterhome, #BuildaBetterBurger) and on our Facebook page for all the details. You won't miss out on anything, we promise!


Submitted by Dahn on

@Megan for Sutter Home: Has the time line for when the potential finalists will be contacted changed as well? It is currently set for Oct. 22.

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