Rain drops keep falling

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Team Colavita/Sutter Home continues to ride like champions in the Tour of California. Unfortunately the last two days have had absolutely brutal weather. On Monday, the team made their way from Sausalito to Santa Cruz and arrived completely drenched! I found this great shot of Sebastian Haedo alongside Lance Armstrong on the way to Santa Cruz. You can see that the weather was absolutely miserable.

Here is Sebastian Haedo on his way to Santa Cruz with Lance Armstrong. AP Photo Michael A. Mariant

I'm still waiting to hear the official results from today's race from San Jose to Modesto but from what I saw on the TV, our team looked like they rocked it!

Don’t forget to go to Versus and vote for Team Colavita/Sutter Home as the team you want to win the Tour of California.

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