A Toast to Early Spring with Pink Moscato On Groundhog Day 

| Posted by Kelly for Sutter Home

A Toast to Early Spring with Pink Moscato On Groundhog Day 

American traditions are something we love to celebrate at Sutter Home, and Groundhog Day is most certainly one of them. Dating back to 1887, this national event celebrates the emergences of a beloved groundhog, known affectionately as Punxsutawney Phil, from his burrow. The folklore states that, should he see his shadow, six more weeks of winter await. If it’s cloudy with nary a shadow in sight, the spring season is said to arrive early. While ol’ Phil is known to be somewhat of a weather prophet and “Groundhog Day Meteorologist,” stats show that he has only been correct about 39% of the time. 

Regardless, we’ll still raise our glasses this Groundhog Day to Punxsutawney Phil and the impending spring season. In the spirit of warm weather, we invite you to toast with Sutter Home Pink Moscato, a refreshingly sweet wine that will fill you with spring feelings—even if we do end up with a few more weeks of winter!                                                  

If you’re a fan of Sutter Home Moscato, try out our Strawberry-Lime Moscato Punch: http://www.sutterhome.com/wine-and-life-blog/wine-cocktails/strawberry-l...

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