A Whole Cookbook devoted to America’s Favorite Food to Grill – the Hamburger.

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Check out these delicious recipes from newly released Weber’s Big Book of Burgers™  cookbook. It ties in perfectly with our Build a Better Burger competition and the some of these recipes could be a strong contender in our competition.  The newly released cookbook is written by Jamie Purviance who has been a judge at Build a Better Burger and is a James Beard Award Nominee and New York Times best-selling cookbook author.  You’ll definitely be awed with every recipe as they include fresh, new ideas that encompasses everything associated with burgers, including fun twists on hot dogs, brats, sausages, side dishes and drinks.  To see more recipes, and sign up to have a new one delivered to your e-mail every week, check out www.weber.com.   

To see more recipes, and to sign up to have a new one delivered to your email every week, check out www.weber.com

Portabello Burgers with Chedder and Grilled Red Peppers

Shrimp Burger with Rémoulade

Webers Ideal Cheeseburgers



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