Who Built it Better?

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Now, we know that you’re all asking yourselves this question – who built the $100,000 grand prize-winning burger? Was it you? (Of course, I know you can only cross your fingers, toes, eyes & all hoping that it was!)

Was YOUR gourmet burger creation built to perfection? Did YOU build it bigger and better? There are so many questions dancing around in that sweet little head of yours (I am right, aren’t I?)

Well, as of right now, with SO many entries, our fabulous judges are gettin’ their palates ready for all of that deeee-licious burger tasting! And with the fate now out of your hands, you’re probably askin’ yourselves one big question: What Now?

Well, NOW it’s time to tell us about those sweet little burger masterpieces you’ve all been workin’ your tail end on! How did you taste test all of your creations? How did you determine the perfect toppings? Wine pairing? There are so many things we wanna know! (I can hear my stomach growling as we speak.)

And if you don’t feel like spilling ALL of your burger secrets, at least answer me this:

Who was your go-to taste tester during this whole process? Your spouse, the kids, a friendly neighbor perhaps?

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Submitted by Julie on

My husband dids and even grandchildren all tried the burger. Even though it is pretty basic with a glass of Chard on the deck it just taste sooooo good.

Submitted by Keri Holder on

I am such a foodie and always have a million ideas. I have food business ideas, new ventures and such. I have a sort of focus group that loves it when I try new recipes, so they helped. The good thing is that they're honest, so I was able to tweek the recipe a bit.

Submitted by Pam Foley on

Well, I had my husband and 21 y.o. son, my 36 y.o. daughter and her boyfriend, someone from work and myself try the burgers. Everyone though they were a winner! I pulled from my Italian upbringing and used a very rustic style of burger. I am counting the days until I hear. This is the first cooking contest I have ever entered. I found that it was fun, but really took a lot of thought and time. Yes my fingers are crossed! Mangia!

Submitted by Dixie Fleming on

My family were my best critics and I don't think I can even count how many burgers they helped sample (with no complaints of course. The neighbors were a big help too!
Good luck to all my Build A Better Burger Friends. I'd love the opportunity to meet some of you.

Submitted by Johnny on

The next few days are really exciting for me. My burger entry was delicious. I based it on South American Cuisine. My friends will just die if I make the top 5...I seem to feel that I will be there behind one of the 5 grills. I will have to decline a wedding invitation if I win, but the bride will just have to watch me win....lol...Wedding or Winning?

Submitted by Andrea Senter on

My go to taster was my boyfriend, I could count on him to give me detailed constructive criticism. And when my 1st few attempts didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, he was right there with hugs and encouraging words. He literally helped me "Build a Better Burger" :)

Submitted by Eric L Davison on

I love ribeye steaks with truffle oil. With a side of fresh herlom tomatos, Just had the idea to put them into a bun. I was simply amazed at the outcome. My friends could not get enough of this burger creation.

Submitted by Cher Arnold on

My husband, my two teenagers, their friends, my parents, and my single guy friend Brad who is always up for a free meal ;-) My Bunco group has volunteered to be my tasting group next time!

Submitted by Danielle Woodson on

I have to be honest I didn't even get a chance to make mine I just came up with it in my head. I am confident that it is wonderful. It wasn't in my budget to purchase the ingredients I used for my recipe. I will be getting extra money this month and that is the first thing I plan on buying. My friends and family will be invited to my house for a bbq and will make the 2 recipes I submitted slider style!

Submitted by AmyAngelo on

My husband ate waaayyyyy too many burgers!

Submitted by susan scarborough on

My grown sons, they can always be counted on to line up for beef! And my husband, but he had his own burger entry, so can I REALLY trust him? As for how I chose the wine, I am still perfecting my skills, so sometimes I just have to keep trying and trying and......

Submitted by chuck hartley on

i didnt even get a chance to try out my burger untill after i sent the recipe!i took mine to TGI FRIDAYS and they were passing it out to other customers thats when i knew i had to try it.

Submitted by Theresa Busby on

I first tried mine on my husband who is a fussy eater but loved them! And then (since it makes 6) I gave some to a friend and some girls at work. Everyone raved about them except one person (Can't please everyone...right?) Then while on vacation I made them for my sister and her family and they were a hit again! The next day she had me make them for her in-laws....Not trying to brag but once again they went over marvelously....just sayin' LOL! I also made them for my step daughter and her boyfriend and his son...so I have had lots of practice!! I can't wait to find out today who the finalists are...Pick me!!! Pick me!! LOL!

Submitted by Melinda Broome on

We tried so many burgers. The whole neighborhood, family and friends. It was so much fun we are still trying new recipes. Hope to see you in California.

Submitted by Derick on

"Go-to taste tester?" Me. Yum. :)

Submitted by Ruth Velez on

Saw the contest just one month before entry deadline. Put a lot of thought into how to come up with a delicious burger that would be quick for today's busy lifetyles. Must admit, I enjoyed trying different variations, but know I gained at least 5 pounds in the process !

Submitted by Lynda on

Everyone that has tried my burger loved it. I want to go to Napa Valley so bad so they can try my burger

Submitted by Kelly on

I knew as soon as I saw the sign I wanted to do a Burrito Burger. My taste-testing group included a local restaurant owner who said he'd serve it to his customers. I've entered and won smaller competitions in the past. I'd love to be one of the finalists but if nothing else, I came up with an awesome burger recipe my whole family loves. :-)

Submitted by Robbie on

My husband was my first taste tester, giving great feedback. (I felt like we were in our own version of "Julie Julia"! Many modifications later, we invited our family. They were so excited to hear about this contest, so we had our own "Build A Better Burger Contest" Burger Party. I involved four other family members, three of whom were teenagers. I printed off the recipe for our "audience", and divided the 5 preparation sections for our "cooks". (this was also a great trial to see if my instructions were clear and easy to follow!) We watched with great interest and clapped for each of the "contestants". While we enjoyed these juicy burgers, we all "critiqued" the components and flavors. What a fun time we had! It was a memory we will never forget!!!

Submitted by ROBERT KAMENY on

This is my first time entering your contest for BUILD A BETTER BURGER. I am wondering when the finalists names will be shown as it is AUGUST 31, 2010 and icannot find any notices either on your website or in my e mails. Please reply as to how ican find out. THANKS, ROBERT KAMENY


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