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Zesty Burger

Zesty Burger Eat it with confidence. It a flavorful way to enjoy the splendor of summer. Grill your burger. If you cannot grill it, fry it. Its up to you. Just take a big bite and hold on to the burst of the Zesty Burger. Roslyn Recipe


Handful of Ground Beef
1/2 cup of Barbecue Sauce (use a dry measuring cup, not a fluid measuring cup)
Small Handful of Cheddar Cheese
A Burger Bun
Cesear Salad Dressing
Sweet Relish
Spicey Mustard
Wasabe Sauce
Ketchup (optional)


Take a handful of ground beef and shape it into a round patty. Place it upon the grill. Smash it with a spatula. Grill beef burger coated with your choice of barbecue sauce on both sides. Top grated or cliced cheddar cheese on hot burger and grill until cheese has melted. Place a pot lid over the burger to speed up the cheese melting process. Take the burger from the grill and place the burger on a burger bun and garnish the burger with Cesear Salad Dressing, a dash of relish, and a dab of mustard and a dab of wasabe sauce. You may add ketchup if you like (optional). Eat it like a champion and savor the flavor!


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