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White Wine Mushroom Swiss Cheese Burger

This is a combination of when I was a teenager and used wine to cook a hamburger and my love for swiss cheese burgers with Mushrooms..


1 pound of ground churck
2 cups of white wine of choice
2 cups of Mushrooms all kinds but perferred the white ones
2 slices of swiss cheese
salt and pepper to taste
2 table spoon of butter


put the butter in the pan and then add the mushrooms and cook on low, then add the wine slowly to the mushrooms, and add a little wine to the burger while it is cooking, and salt and pepper tot he patties, as they are cooking and almost done then add the mushrooms on top of burger and then the cheese on the very top and serve on a toasted buns that have been lightly buttered. serve more of the mushrooms on the side with a a piece of lettuce.


This is a excellant and easy burger recipe...