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Viva La Burger

To date I haven't found a burger I didn't like, But after several trial and non-admitted errors, I am proud to know I can always fall back on this staple recipe. I have tinkered with several ingredients over time and have made several trips to the grocery store, and even specialty shops. This recipe is simple, affordable, and chances are most of the ingredients are in your house now. I must also mention that this burger is simple enough, but packs quite a punch. Due to this, I find that it is perfect just by itself. No toppings or condiments can make this any better then it already is. So without further ado...


1.5 Lbs of Lean Ground Sirloin
1/3 cup of Catsup
1.5 tablespoons McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper
Six Potato bread hamburger buns
6 slices of spicy Jack or jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese, sliced thick


Place the Ground Sirloin, Catsup, Steak seasoning, Garlic powder, and red pepper in a large mixing bowl. Incorporate all ingredients till well mixed. Form six equal burger patties. Cook on grill to desired temperature. Prior to plating melt cheese on patties, while toasting buns over the flame. Plate burger and enjoy.


Over cooking or flipping will dry out the burger. Lean meat is okay, as the catsup will add Juiciness that the fat would normally do. No condiments are needed as this burger explodes with its own flavor. Despite the red meat, a cool glass of white wine or a frothy beer will help tame the hightened taste buds.