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Turkey Burkers

My name is Carlene, I have been trying to help my family stay healthy and cook dinner using ground turkey or chicken instead of beef. We really enjoy these burgers and you can't tell there is no beef in them!


ground turkey
italian bread crumbs
worcestershire sauce
steak sauce
steak seasoning


take ground turkey out of package, add add 1/4 cup italian bread crumbs 2 tsp. worshire sauce add 2 tbs. steak sauce season with mccormick montreal steak seasoning shape into 4 big burgers place on a plate or pan and put into the freezer until they are solid and won't break apart start the grill, spray the grates with Pam cooking spray place burgers on hot grill, grill until done take potato rolls and butter and garlic spread place on grill to assembly burgers - use lettuce, tomato, pickles, your favorite condiments


what a great low cal burger!Thank you