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Truckers Burger

A burger that taste great and is easier to eat, with less mess. Not you run of the mill hamburger, Oh so much better. And so good for those on the run.


1/4 lb fresh hamburger
Garlic Salt
Ranch Dressing


In large pan cook Hamburger meat in loose/scrambled pile. Add Seasoning to taste, I like Garlic Salt and Pepper. Add 1 sliced Onion, and 4 stripes of bacon cut up, mix well while cooking. Dice up Tomato, Pickle, Lettuce, and Advacado. After meat is done and onions are soft mix with diced tomato, Pickle, Lettuce and Advacado. Add Ranch Dressing (not too much) Using large roll cut end off and hollow out bun to within 1/2" of sides. add cutout bread to mix after crumbling the bread into fine pieces. After all are mixed together well use spoon to scoop the Hamburger and all ingredients into bun. Let set for short time to allow bun to absorb some of the juice. Serve with Ice Cold drink.


Wrap the roll/bun in a wax type paper, just in case there is a leak, but there should not be any leakage. The left over hamburger mix can be eaten with a spoon or placed between sliced bread and enjoyed by the cooks. Nothing gets wasted.