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Troy's Bestest Burger

I am a 32 year old Enviormental technitian. I have taking cooking classes since before I was in high school. I went to school for it afterwards, and even though it's not my profession, I still enjoy cooking for family and friends. this is a recipe that I have cultivated from cooking classes, Boy Scout Camps, and family events for years. Enjoy!


2 - lbs. Farm Raised Ground beef
1 - medium Sweet Onion
1 - Clove Fresh Garlic
1 - Small pepper ( I prefer mild bananna peppers, but use your own taste prefrences - jalapeno, green pepper, etc.)
1 - Extra large Egg
10 Saltine crackers
2 - tablespoons soy sauce


Mince onion, garlic, and pepper (if desired). Crumble crackers. Blend egg. Mix all ingredients in large mixing bowl. Press into patties. Cook slowly as desired (I prefer grilling over charcoal with hickory chips added, but frying pan may be used if preferred).