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Triple Threat Burger

This burger is made just like you would make a meatloaf. It is a little heavier then a tradtional burger or meatloaf. the pork and turkey gives it a richer flavor. It's not a burger to be taken lightly.


1/3lb Ground Beef
1/3lb Ground Pork
1/3lb Ground Turkey
1/2 medium onion (chopped)
1/2 Bell Pepper (Chopped)
Dash of Season All
Dash of Ground Pepper
2tb of minced Garlic
1 Tb of steak sauce
1 Tb of Worcestershire
1 egg
1 cup of bread crumbs
1 tb of olive oil
1 Slice of Provolone Cheese (optional)
Potato Hamburger Rolls


1) In a Large Bowel combine Ground Beef, Pork and Turkey 2) Add onion, peppers, Season all, ground pepper, Garlic. A1 sauce,worcestershire sauce, eggs, and breadcrumbs. Mix together until all items are compeltly combined. 3) With a tablespoon form a compelet spoonful of meat mixture in pal of ham. Form it into a patty shape. Form all patties before cooking. 3) In a skillet heat the olive oil. Place 2 patties in the skillit at a time. Cook untill well done. 4) Remove pattie. Optinonal to plave one slice of Provolone chesse on patty. 5) Let patty rest until serving 6) Serve on Potato Hamburger bun with comdoments of your choice.


We hope that the burger will be enjoyed and maybe tried by others.