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The Rebel Club

This sandwich was from an old family recipe. As you may know, Pittsburgh has a reputation for putting non-traditional things on their sandwiches and salads. This sandwich is very simple, but it's a triple decker, great for lunch or dinner.


6 oz. Ground Beef
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 Slice American Cheese
2-3 oz. Creamy Cole Slaw
4 Slices Crisp Bacon
Leaf Lettuce
Sliced Ripe Tomato
3 Slices Toasted Bread - Your Choice
(4) 4" Frill (Club) Picks


1. Grill Ground Beef Pattie to taste (MR to Med preferred) 2. Melt American Cheese on Pattie 3. Top Pattie with Cole Slaw 4. Place Cheeseburger with Slaw on 1st piece of Toasted Bread 5. Top with 2nd piece of Toasted Bread 6. Leaf Lettuce, Sliced Tomato and Warm Crisp Bacon on 2nd Toasted Bread 7. Top with 3rd Toasted Bread. 8. Frill Pick 9. Cut Club in to 4's on the Bias 10. Choose Condiment of Choice * Great with Fresh Hand Cut French Fries


It's simple, quick and easy with minimal shopping. You and your friends/guests will love it.