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The Magnum Blast Burger

A delishious combonation of savory mouth watering seasoned patties induldged together with roasted red peppers, hot pepper jack cheese and a thick homemade onion ring. So orgasmic once you try it you'll never go back to regular old burger!!


1. 24% ground chuck beef
2. steak seasoning
3. BBQ sauce
4. Yellow Sweeet Onions
5. Onion Ring Batter
6. Roasted Red Peppers (caned)
7. Hot Pepper Jack Cheese slices
8. Seasame X-Large Buns


1. Prepare your onion rings by slicing an onion in rings, coat thickly in onion ring batter. In HOT oil, fry them untill golden brown. 2.Roll hamburger into balls, incorporating steak seasoning as desired. The patinto thin patties. 3. On one burger place 1 slice hot pepper jack cheese, 2 roasted red peppers, a nice thick onion ring followed by another slice of pepper jack cheese. Then place another thin patty on top of the filling. Squeeze & pinch ends together untill packed well together and nice and sturdy! Remember to keep the burgers shape. 4. On a grill (preferably charcoal), grill slowly spreading BBQ sauce on with every flip of the burger. 5. Top with your favorite burger toppings and INDULDGE!!!!!


I'm training to become a chef one day and with the job i have i don't really make enough. It's in a small kitchen at a tea house. I absolutely love the job and creating the dishes which makes it hard to leave the place. When my boyfriend was looking through my cookbooks he found this and we both jumped at it. Everyone i know has been eating a lot of hamburgers for me to perfectly critic this. I'm hoping if i win this competion i can go to school and eventually open my own tea house with my mom,from where i get the passion for cooking. Hope to see you at the cook-off!!!!! Christy