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The Great Fusion Burger

The Great Fusion Burger! Sounds like an interesting name for a burger. I gave my burger this name because of the ingredients that come from around the world. Thailand to Mexico. California to Vermont. The flavors fuse together and burst wide open on my palate.


Ground Chuck 1.5lb
Ground Sirloin 1.5lb
Yellow Onion,chopped fine 1 med 
Onion Soup Mix 1 Pkg
Chili Powder 1 TBSP
Cumin 1 TBSP
Celtic Sea Salt 1.5 tsp
Thai Chili Garlic Paste 2 TBSP
Eggs 2
Sutter Home Pinot Noir 4 fl. oz
Worcestershire Sauce 1 fl. oz
Chopped Jalapeno(jar) 6 TBSP
Shedded Vermont Pepper Jack
6 TBSP Heirloom Tomatoes, for garnish
Microgreens, for garnish


1. Mix all ingredients together by hand, except Jalapenos and Cheese. 2. Form 12-4oz patties. 3. Press thumb down in center of patties to form a small indentation. 4. Fill with 1TBSP jalapenos and 1TBSP of the cheese. 5. Put patties together to form 6 burgers. 6. Grill or broil to desired doneness. 7. Spread aioli on top half of bun, top with heirloom tomatoes and microgreens. 8. Eat, do not share.


I really enjoy the Pinot Noir in this dish because it pairs nicely with the pepper jack cheese filled center. However, when it comes down to eating and enjoing this Great Fusion Burger I go with the Gewurztraminer every time.