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the full meal burger

this burger has everything that you want when you think of grilling a burger, it satisfies the tastes of burger connosuiers everywhere. It takes the concept of a wide range of buger types and combines them in a unique way. note- keep in mind the home fries and fried onions are prepared speratly then added in.


worcestershire/ bbq sauce mixture
garlic/onion powder/
red pepper mixture cubed
mozzarella/ cheddar cheeses
crispy home fries
fried onions a
pplewood smoked bacon
crumbled bleu and gorgonzola cheeses
lettuce red onion


mix beef, sauces, dry ingredients and 1 oz. of cubed mozzarella/ cheddar cheese for every 5oz. of meat. Once burgers are ready to grill push the crispy home fries into the beef and grill to liking. Top with fried onions and additional ingredients. Enjoy


the homefries are baked potatos cut into small squares fried in olive oil and vidalia onions until very brown and crispy.