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That's Italian

This is a burger I've made for 20 years, it's definately an adult burger, children seem to snicker at the fresh spices and cheeses. This is a burger you can easily get addicted to.


95% beef roma tomatoes,
salt, pepper,
2 chopped fresh cloves of garlic,
6 sweet basil leaves,
freshly grated assiagio cheese,
1 slice provolone,
italian roll or italian bread
and freshly torn parsley.


Two 95% beef patties, one a little larger than the other, on top of the smaller patty place a thick slices of roma tomatoes, salt, pepper, chopped fresh clove of garlic, 4 sweet basil leaves, sprinkle with assiagio cheese and place a slice of provolone. Place the larger beef patty on top, seal sides and grill, cook until beef is 160 degrees. Use italian roll or bread, top it with: freshly chopped tomato, basil, garlic and parsley.