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texas' best

When imaging the perfect burger one thing comes to mind....."JUICY". Without that it is just a slab of dry unflavorful meat. The conquest of every grill master; however, is to please the one's you are grilling for. Whether it be a family gathering, business function, or just a day at the park. The hamburger has plaid a major role and filled billions of cravings. This burger I have created is designed to fill one thing....the wow factor. WHEN YOU BITE INTO THIS BURGER YOU TASTEBUDS EXPLODE taking you to a zen like experienced by no other burger tasting.....enjoy.


1 lb ground beef
4 strips of bacon
2 yellow onions
smoke house cheddar cheese
steak sauce
jack daniels whiskey
4 kaiser rolls
coleslaw mix


chop bacon slices into small squares. chop onions into small dice. mix bacon and onions into ground beef. form into flat patties(should make 4 patties). Stuff cheddar cheese into center of meat covering cheese completely. add salt and pepper. set aside to grill. mix together jack daniels and steak sauce (1 cup steak and 2 shots of jack daniels). grill burgers until medium well(about 3 1/2 min. per side). last 1 minute spoon some of jd mixture onto each side of burger while continuing to grill. toast kaiser rolls on grill after spreading butter onto bread. mix together coleslaw mixture with mayo and vinegar. set aside. assemble burgers by placing 1 patty onto bottom side of roll coat burger with more jd sauce and top with coleslaw. place bun lid on and sink into ecstasy. enjoy.


this makes on great burger which speaks for itself...hope to hear from you soon.