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this is a better burger... this is not easy...


white bread...
1 sugar cube...
Sutter Home wine
Seasoned pepper
Cocktail peanuts ...
3lbs. ground chuck roast
Butter in a spritz bottle
and then salt.


Have 3lbs. of ground chuck roast ground into hamburger twice put in large bowl ...toast 3 slices of white bread then put in a seperate bowl...torn up in pieces put in Sutter Home wine 1/4 c. 1 sugar cube... let set.... grind cocktail peanuts to fine no lumps or chunks into Bullet.... put Cocktail peanuts into ground chuckroast put in wine and crumbs a small amount of Seasoned pepper couple shakes...stir all to mix keep it airy spritz with butter on both sides heavily... grill on flame a little while move to no flame on grill area and let set awhile.... put back on flame and cook well done and salt immediately.


I am 72. I like 7 Bone Roast best to have ground into hamburger (twice) but it seems to be hard to find so chuck roast seems to be more available.... but 7 Bone Roast ground into hamburger twice is lots and lots better......Naturally, I hope I win....if someone doesn't want to use wine use milk with bread crumbs and let it soak just like you do to stretch hamburger for a meatloaf..... if you want it meatless use stuffing mix and plenty of onions and bell pepper chopped into it for a Meatless Burger....... Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.....Leah Clare