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Super Fancy Backyard Burgers

These are a super simple burger that tastes like something fancy. They are great for entertaining and for everyday!


2 pounds ground chuck
Worshetershire Sauce (2-3TBSP)
Onion soup mix -one envelope
Onion Buns
- 8 Thin sliced deli ham
- 8 slices Swiss Cheese
- 8 slices Stacker Pickles
- 16 Mayo
- 1/2 cup Dijon Mustard


Combine Ground chuck, Worshtershire sauce and onion soup mix and set aside. Mix together Mayo and Mustard, set aside. Form Beef into 8 patties and grill over medium heat until 3/4 of the way done. Remove from heat. Build Burgers:Bottom bun Pattie ham cheese pickles top bun with mayo mixture Wrap each burger in aluminum foil and put back on grill. Place cookie sheet or something equally heavy on top of burgers and continue cooking 5-10 minutes until burger is cooked and bun is toasty.


After the first time I made these burgers my husband asks for them all the time. The toasty bun makes it seem like you really put some time into them! But they are super easy and even my kids like them!!