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Stuffed Burgers

Hello Sutter Home Staff, I want to introduce everyone to "Stuffed Burgers". They are a great idea for a party, everyone can get in on the action and create their own taste for the night. I set out all the ingrediants chopped and ready to go....they choose. Some examples I would like to share with you, chives, mushrooms, red onions, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, chives, red peppers, greenpeppers ,garlic,green olives,black olives, spinach,yellow hot peppers, carmelized onions,blue cheese, sharp cheddar, pepper jack, and the list could go on and get the picture. Today, I am going to share my favorite!! ENJOY!!!


Ground Chuck
Sundried tomatoes chopped
Fresh spinach chopped
Blue Cheese crumbles
Artichoke hearts chopped
Green olives chopped
Any fresh bun
Fresh butter lettuce
Fresh sliced tomato


Take the ground chuck, form 2 patties, aprox 1/4 lb each. Select the inside ingrediants that you would like. In this burger we will using the above items.Place one burger on foil or plate,add two or three table spoons of each item. Top with the other chuck burger and pinch all the sides together to keep the flavor from coming out.Grill this burger according to your liking, pink or no pink. I add some salt and pepper while grilling. The grill can be 350, so you can singe it just alittle for color. They are all so good, its the inside that counts!!


I truely hope you enjoy my Stuffed Burgers. When I am having a Burger Party, I let my guests get creative. We usually do not measure anything, I would have all burgers ready to go... they add how little or how much they want to fit into that burger.It is great to see people use their bare hands and have fun cooking their meal. Some burgers are quit stuffed. I hope you get the idea. We put colored flags in the burgers so the griller can tell whose is whose. We add no condiments or spreads to the burger, it says it all with the insides. Enjoy Stuffing, Enjoy my Stuffed Burgers!! Hope to see you at Sutter Home. I would love to set up a burger bar for all of you... Cathy