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St Louis Sweet Heat Burger

I have always enjoyed a burger with a sweet heat taste.


3lbs ground chuck
1/4 cup sweet pepper relish
1/4 cup hot pepper relish
2 cups vinegar
1 cup sugar
1tbsp salt
2tbsp black pepper
1tbsp red pepper
1tsp vegetable oil
6 hawaiin buns
1 red onion
1 romaine lettuce
6 slices pepper jack cheese


combine ground chuck with both pepper relishes and form into 6 patties. combine vinegar,sugar,salt,black pepper,and red pepper,and oil in a small mixing bowl and set aside for grilling. grill hamburgers for 10 minutes or until done making sure to add plenty sauce while grilling. when hamburgers are done add 1 slice of lettuce on bottom bun add burger then 1 slice of pepper jack, and then add 1 slice of red onion


this is a great sweet heat burger that will really get your taste buds kicking. Make sure to add the tangy sauce while grilling and enjoy.