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Spicy Shrimp Burgers

These are spicy and savory with jalapeno peppers, garlic and spice ground to raw shrimp some finely process some chunky served on brioche buns with lettuce, tomato and mayo


1 1/4 lb raw shrimp (16-20) shelled and deveined
3 jalapenos
3 lg garlic cloves
1/3 c chopped green onion
1/3 c chopped flat leaf parsley
salt to taste
fresh ground black pepper
dash of cayenne pepper
romaine lettuce
roma tomatoes
brioche buns


Clean and deveine shrimp. Peel garlic, rough chop parsley, chop green onion and jalapeno Add seasonings to food processor. Process to finely chopped. Add one half shrimp, salt, cayenne, pepper process to smooth. Chop remaining shrimp by hand to chunky pieces and mix with smooth mixture of shrimp and herbs. Form patties. Melt butter and brush on one side to prevent sticking. When on the grill brush other side with butter before turning. Grill to pink and done through. Split buns, toast on grill. Add mayo to buns, lettuce leaves and slices of tomato. Serves 4


This is one of my favorite recipes for shrimp. It smells absolutely fabulous when cooking and the taste is to die for. My family lives in another state and is not very adventurous in trying new recipes, but every time I make it I want share it with them. The buns that I use are very special on their own. This is spicy but not to hot to enjoy and is an exciting explosion of flavor in your mouth. I know my family will love it and you too!