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Spicy Pepper Mustard Burger

My Spicy Pepper Mustard Burgers are something my husband and I created this spring when he found some Morrell mushrooms, like every spring, and we decided to try them sauteed with onions and our friend's pepper mustard. WOW!!! They make your mouth pop! As my husband and son say, they make your tongue beat your brains out-they are so good!


Ground Beef Ground Round
Garlic Powder Salt Pepper
Vandelia Onions
Morrell Mushrooms
Provolone Cheese
Hot Peppers
Yellow Sweet Peppers
Vinegar Olive Oil
Kaiser Roll
Oil for Grilling Rack


This is a breakdown for 1 burger: Step 1- Take 1/4 lb Ground Beef and 1/4 lb Ground Round and combine the two to make a 1/2 lb patty. Season both sides of patty with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Step 2- Cut Morrell Mushrooms into bite size pieces and slice onions into rings and saute in melted butter until tender. Step 3- Grill burger on hot grill until done. Step 4- To prepare the pepper mustard- clean the peppers and take most of seeds out-depending on the heat you desire-and cook them down in a saucepan with vinegar and olive oil until tender. Take cooked peppers and puree them in a blender until a sauce is formed-consistency of mustard. Step 5- Take kaiser roll and brush lightly with melted butter and grill on each side until light golden and crispy. Step 6- Take provolone cheese and top the burger while still on the grill-let cheese melt slightly. Step 7- Place burger on grilled kaiser roll, top with the sauteed mushrooms and onions and lather the pepper mustard on the top part of the kaiser roll. Step 8- Enjoy!!!


My ingredient list breaks down the mustard, but I can only say that there is no comparison to our friend's homemade pepper mustard. If I would get a chance to bring my burgers and mustard to the competition, you can see for yourself!