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spicy( thai )budah burgers

these burgers a have an asian flare to them with hints of exotic spices and smokey undertones with the combination of 80% beef and 20% pork to add extra flavor ((fat)) and tenderness kids started eating hoisin sauce for dipping fries because itis sweeter than ketchup so i developed a recipe for burgers that hoisin went great with .. try em youll like em..


2 pounds ground chuck beef
1/2 pound gound pork
1/4 cup hoisin sauce
2 tablespoons seseme oil
*dry ingredients
1 tablespoon each of:
ground ginger
seseme seeds
garlic powder
ground cumin
ground fennel
crushed red pepper
++ 1/4 cup colivita olive oil
+ thai chili sauce
sliced green onions
6 seseme seeded rolls
2 california avacados sliced
**for garnie


your first instruction is to find a corkscrew and a wine goblet and open a bottle of sutterhome cabernet sauvignon and have a few sips.. 1. in a small bowl mix all of your dry ingredients. 2.. in a large mixing bowl mix the first 4 ingredients just untill combined. try not to over mix and loose the texture of the meat.add your dry ingredients and mix untill incorporated. 3..seperate the BEEF mixture into 6 equal portions and form patties the thicker the better !! 4. using a bbq brush coat each of your burgers with the COLIVITA OLIVE OIL coat your grill grates as well to keep the meat from sticking. set your bbq burners to high or untill the temp reaches 400* add your burgers and allow them to cook on each side for atleast 3 minutes each. serve on seseme rolls with thai chili sauce,hoisin sauce and sliced green onions.


this recipe makes 6 good size burgers approximately 1/4 lb each but you can make many more if you prefer smaller thinner burgers.but why would you ?? always serve with a glass of sutter home cabernet sauvignon or merlot.. a great compliment to these are a big side of SPICEY THAI KETTLE CHIPS have plenty of CALIFORNIA AVACADOS,and CHIPS around for extra servings enjoy !!