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spiced smoked maple burger

the spiced smoked maple burger blends heat and sweet perfectly, the heat comes from a perfect blend of hot cherry, chipotele,and banana peppers, the sweet from pure vermont maple syrup and vadalia onions, when all these ingredients are combined with the ground chuck and refrigerated for about an hour the complex yet recognizable flavors create a complete palate experience.


1 lb ground chuck,
half chipotele pepper,
half cherry pepper,
1 banana pepper,
1 vadalia onion,
1 cup Vermont maple syrup,
half cup Sutter home merlot,
salt and pepper,


Chop cherry,chipoltele, and banana peppers into small pieces. Cut one Vadalia onion, and place in saute pan over medium heat. Pour in Sutterhome merlot and reduce by half. Pour in syrup and reduce by half. set aside to let cool. Put ground chuck in a large mixing bowl and add salt and pepper to taste . Put pepper mixture in food processor and pulse until all ingredients are minced. Mix about half of pepper mixture with ground chuck place in refrigerater for about an hour. Make into patties and grill over medium heat until desired temperature. periodically brushing with the rest of the pepper mixture..


The pepper mixture can be added to taste, more for the bold and less for the not so bold. If you dont like smoke flavore remove the chipotele from the pepper mixture... this burger is excelent enjoy.