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Simple Super Stuffed Bacon Cheese burger

This is the best Cheeseburger ever made - plus it's simple.


A. - 2 pounds of very lean hamburger
B. - 1 pound of bacon
C. - One half pound brick of cheddar cheese (or your favorite cheese, mixing cheese it okay also)cut into not so thin slices.
D. - Cook a pound of bacon to just under crispy - and shred bacon E. - Saute fresh (sliced) mushrooms with Vidalia Onions in sweet white wine.
F. - add favorite seasonings


Flatten hamburger into four paddies - and sandwich all ingredients between two paddies and seal the edges (essentially making a pocket with stuffing inside). Cook on flat pan between foil at (preheated oven) 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until hamburger is the way you like it. Place on fresh buns and add toppings of your choice.


This is the juiciest, tastiest, most scumptious burger you have ever eaten - bar none.