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Shrimp Tempura Burger

This Shrimp Tempera Burger fuses two great dishes, giving this hamburger a distinctly Asian flare. Instead of just battering the shrimp, this recipe provides the light, flaky tempera batter with the burger, while the shrimp adds as an accent flavor. The Wasabi gives it a kick since the only condiment is a sweet Sesame Ginger sauce.


4-cups Tempera batter
2-pounds ground sirloin
3-Tablespoons Wasabi
6-cups Sesame oil
1-Tablespoon Sesame oil (to cook shrimp)
12 medium, shelled, cleaned uncooked Shrimp
1-cup finely shredded red cabbage
4-Tablespoons Sesame-Ginger Marinade
4 fresh Kaiser rolls; lightly toasted
32 ounces Sutter Home Cabernet
Paper Towels


1) Following package directions, mix tempera batter; set aside 2) Heat sesame oil on high heat 3) Mix 3T Wasabi into 2 lbs ground sirloin 4) Form 4 patties 5) Roll patties through tempera batter to coat 6) Using tongs, drop battered patties in to very hot sesame oil 7) Cook patties in oil for six minutes; patties will be cooked to medium-rare 8) Remove patties from oil; set on paper towel 9) Cook shrimp in 1T sesami 10) While shrimp is cooking, lightly toast Kaiser rolls; set aside 10) Top each patty with 3 cooked shrimp 11) Top patty/shrimp with approximately 4-5 Tablespoons shredded red cabbage 12) Place patties with shrimp and cabbage on Kaiser roll. 13) Drizle each patty with approximately 1-2T Sesami Ginger Marinade 14) Put top of Kaiser roll on each patty 15) Serve each burger with 8 ounce glass of Sutter Home Cabernet


Oven mits and tongs should be used when cooking the burgers in the hot sesame oil to avoid burns. Shrimp should not be over-cooked or it will toughen and be difficult to bite through. Kaiser rolls should not be over-toasted; they only need a light crunch. Too crunchy will distract from the flakiness of the tempera coating.