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Shenandoah Valley Angus Burger

The "Shenandoah" is made with Organic raised Shenandoah Valley Black Angus beef. It receives its influence from Virginia's rich culinary heritage. The burger has a fresh visual appeal, and greets the palate with simple, but pleasing layers of sweet, sour, salty, and smokey. This is a very satisfying burger.


1. 16 oz. Shenandoah Black Angus beef
2. 3 tbsp. fresh Virginia tomato pepper chow chow
3. pinch salt & fresh gound black pepper
4. 4 tsp. dijon mustard
5. 4 home grown tomato slices
6. 6 oz. shaved Virginia country ham
7. romane lettuce
8. 6 tsp. crumbled blue cheese
9. salted butter
10. large white yeast rolls
11. apple wood for charcoal smoking


1. Build a chimney of charcoal 90% full. Allow to burn 35 to 45 minutes until mostly white. Pour coals in center of grill to allow for cooking indirectly on sides. Add 2 cups of 1/2 inch diameter x 1 inch green apple wood limbs to coals. 2. Combine the beef, chow chow, salt and pepper until mixed well. 3. Pat out beef into 4 oz. patties. 4. Cook burger on indirect heat to achieve smoking and a medium finish. 5. Flash grill Virginia country ham slices. 6. Slice and butter both sides of the white yeast rolls for quick grilling. 7. Dress each burger with remaining Dijon mustard, crumbled blue cheese, shaved Virginia country ham (approximately 1.5 oz. each), lettuce and tomatoes.


I think the "Shenandoah" is a great gourmet burger that can make a delicious addition to any home chef's menu. I hope you'll decide to give it a try. Thanks - Scott