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ricks buffalo burger

this burger has bben a favorite of my friends and family for years. it has a great combination of textures and a blast of flavor that needs no ketchup. More tha a little heat (not the temerature kind) can be expected.


fresh ground chuck hamburger
8 oz. steak seasoning
sliced large button mushrooms
hot sauce
crispy thick bacon sliced
gorgonzola cheese
large hamburger bun


prep the ingredients... coat the fresh ground chuck burger with a generous amount of montreal steack seasoning and place on a hot bbq grill in a hot medium saucepan add butter and sliced button mushrooms, brown mushrooms lightly and add  hot sauce and more butter to taste (this is the buffalo sauce) while the mushrooms are cooking place the bacon in a deep fryer and flip the burger when the bacon is finished drain and let stand also let stand cooked burger, brush burger lightly with butter assemble ricks buffalo burger... place bacon on burger, cover bacon with sauteed mushrooms (save the now buffalo sauce), place a thin slice of gorgonzola cheese on mushrooms and melt in broiler lightly toast top and botoom bun on grill place topped burger on bun and plate, cover the whole thing with a little of the buffalo scu and put the rest in a little dipping bowl, top the whloe thing with the bun top and plate with buffalo dipping sauce eat... enjoy


to tone down the heat in the sauce use more butter, to make it hotter use less butter the mushrooms or the cheese can be optional depending on tastes to enjoy this burger properly don't skip any ingredients and always use the freshest ingredients oh and of course have a great glass of merlot or cabernet with your burger