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Reuben Burger

This burger is a combination of two of my favorite American classics- the hamburger, and the Reuben sandwich. I've always been a lover of thick, juicy burgers, and living in Long Island and South Florida all my life has kept me in a healthy supply of delicious deli meats. After purchasing more corned beef than i knew what to do with one summer- i got creative and put the Reuben and the burger together. The results were gastronomic history. No cilantro-infused mayo or mango-chutney here, just straight-forward hearty ingredients that stick to your ribs and satisfy the soul- just what a burger should be.


-ground chuck
-minced onions
-steak seasoning
-lean sliced corned beef
-swiss cheese
-thick sliced rye bread
-russian dressing


-mix together gorund beef, minced onions, and montreal seasoning. -form mixture into burgers (1/2 lb) and place on hot grill. -begin heating sauerkraut on stove burner on low heat -when burgers are half-way to their medium-rare doneness, place corned beef slices on grill (2 slices for each burger). -when burgers are done and corned beef is slightly browned with grill marks, place rye bread on grill to toast, stack corned beef on top burger, top with slice of swiss, then top that with a spoonful of hot sour kraut. -spread thick layer of russian dressing on one side of toasted rye bread and place burger in between the two slices of thick rye. -you now have Ross's famous Reuben Burger, for the full experience: serve with a potato knish or think-cut fries and a kosher pickle slice. Enjoy!


i have made this burger so many times i have lost count- it pleases the crowd every time. I have seen past Build a Better Burger contests on TV- i am completely confident that my burger can compete with not only the entries i've seen- but the winners. And win.