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Phil's Juicy Burgers

I build bigger and better burgers. I use fresh ingredients and start with taste buds ready and an appetite that is primed for a great american tradition; the all meat burger that is soooooo..... juicy that I get excited just preparing it for the grille. At parties and get togethers, the burgers go with anything and especially taste great with a picnic dinner set on a checkerboard table cloth with all the trimmings and a great bottle of Sutter Home wine from California. This combination is the best way to enjoy and brag about just how great it is to have fun at any cookout.


Four pounds of ground beef.
Three tablespoons of Colavita Extra Virgin Olive oil
Two teaspoons of Grey Poupon mustard
Four tablespoons of lite teriyaki sauce
One and one-half teaspoons of worcestershire sauce
One-half of a sweet onion-chopped
Sauteed crimini mushrooms in small pieces
Four heaping tablespoons of fresh garlic
One large teaspoon of salt
One small teaspoon of pepper


Flatten out the ground beef to a consistency of about 1/2-3/4" thick Spread out the olive oil with my fingers Sprinkle on the salt and pepper. Roll up the four pounds of ground beef, mixing well, and then flatten it out again as in the first step. Mix the Grey Poupon, teriyaki and worcestershire sauce and smooth it over the ground beef with my fingers. Add the mushrooms, onion and garlic and re-roll into a ball. I then squeeze the mixture through my fingers and work all the ingredients together. After working the ingredients together and into a ball once more, I then take about a 1/3 pound of the beef and make a burger about 3/4 of inch thick with a high point in the middle of the burger, smoothed out to about 1/2" around the edges. This helps to keep the burger juicy when cooking. Cover with aluminum foil on a ceramic plate and put into the refrigerator for about two hours. Heat up the grille and turn the burgers exactly three times, allowing the higher part of the burger to cook a second time on the down side. Cooking time will be about ten minutes on 475-525 degree heat. Burgers should never be over cooked and poke with a tookpick to make sure that they are pink in the center at a medium consistency. Serve with chips, varieties of pretzels and a slice of avocado on the side. Remember to add a mild provelone or munster cheese on the burger. Lastly, add a medium slice of tomato and Grey Poupon mustard to each side of a toasted bun and wrap it around the burger. Sit back and bite into this great juicy burger with all the trimmings. Continue to enjoy the meal with a select bottle of Sutter Home wine.


Everyone enjoys a custom made burger that is juicy and melts in your mouth. What a great way to please yourself and receive smiling comments about how wonderful the burgers were at the gathering of friends and family. Summertime or any time; be it winter, spring or fall, is a great time to enjoy the taste and flavor of a burger custom made with all these marvelous ingredients.