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Out of this world Turkey burger

My philosophy in the kitchen is healthy but tons of flavor. The truth is, I never make this burger the same way twice (or any recipe practically) I just always have lots of tasty ingredients around and throw them together. This is how I made it tonight. I came up with this recipe because I love to eat beef, but I don't like it more than twice a week so I need other tasty options. We also eat it bunless with side dishes. About the tons of flavor, I like many different tastes to hit the tongue, but none of them to slap you in the face. I usually am hiding meat flavor and turning it into a new taste experience. I usually don't measure flavors, just add and don't be shy. Too much is better than too little. Bland, yuck! I grew up with a lot of boring northern Europe cooking and have learned to take recipes and jazz them up.


One package ground turkey (the 7 gr fat variety) Chopped onion (today I used 3 green onions which gave wonderful depth, especially since they are in season. Any onion works great, 1/4 to 1/3 onion, lots of flavor, doesn't steal the show)
Tablespoon marinade, mesquite flavor
1 1/2 teaspoon worchestershire sauce
One slice thick bacon or two thin
Two dashes seasoning salt
Three dashes seafood spices
Two dashes balsamic vinegar
One teaspoon Kikoman teriyaki marinade
One teaspoon paprika
Two cloves chopped garlic (or one teaspoon granules)
One teaspoon Horsheradish
honey dijon mustard (two tablespoons tangy salad dressing substitution is great)
Chili powder


Put turkey into a large mixing bowl. Add all of the other ingredients except chili powder(just pouring them on top, no mixing). To add the bacon, I snip it in 1/2 inch triangles with a scissors. Again, I am guessing on the measurements, more is not discouraged. Mix the meat with the other ingredients by hand, just until combined. Form four patties. Place them directly onto a sprayed grill pan. Make an indentation in the middle. Cook at 360 for 15-20 minutes. Turn. Sprinkle (just a bit) with Lawry's and chili powder (gives great color and coating of flavor). Finish off under medium broil until golden and medium well (not too long! 5-10 minutes so they are still juicy but well done).


We eat this with baked potatoes, dirty rice (made without meat), or corn on the cob for the starch. We do corn on the cob the Mexican way. Try it. Put a 3-4 gram fat mayo on as you would butter. Sprinkle generously with parmesan cheese (the kind from the canister). Top with a little bit of Siracha sauce if you like heat. Only new sweet corn, not the big end of season large kernel stuff. Serve with your favorite salad and beverage. We like marinating cucumbers and tomatoes tossed with greens and feta with lite ranch, and lite italian topped with cheese and garlic croutons (or the herb variety). A sutter home wine isn't a bad idea! I would serve this dinner to guests. Burgers can be done on the grill with a gentle hand. (since turkey is so soft).