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Old Tom Box Road Bubba Burgers

I love to grill. Rain or shine,I grill all year round. Once, my son told me he wouldn't be surprised if I grilled lettuce. Guess what? I do grill lettuce along with other fruits and vegatbles. My favorite is grilled peaches. I collect Cook Books and antique gum ball machines.


1 clove fresh garlic
2 lbs fresh ground chuck
3 tbs sea salt
1 tbs fresh ground pepper
3 tbs worcestershire sauce
10 slices fresh mushrooms
2 slices provalone cheese
4 large hamburger buns
1/2 stick butter
1 bag potato chips (Optional)


Finaly chop garlic. Place in medium size mixing bowl. Add gound chuck, salt,pepper,and worcestershire sauce. Mix all together without handeling too much. Split mixture into four pieces. Take one piece of mixture and form into one very flat pattie. Being sure there are no tears. Continue with remaining pieces of mixture to to form three other patties. Place one pattie on flat dish that you intend to carry to the grill. While being sure you don't place mushrooms and cheese too close to the edges, place mushrooms and cheese on pattie. Take another patties and place over first patties that contains mushrooms and cheese. While being sure edges of patties are sealed, press edges together for form one hamburger. Continue with the next two patties. Prepare grill by spraying with non stick spray. If using a gas gril, turn to high heat. Pre heat grill for fifteen minutes. Lower heat to medium heat. Place patties over direct heat. Grill, covered, for five minutes. Turn carefully, continue to grill for five minutes. When hamburgers are almost done, butter both sides of buns and place on grill to toast. Turning once. This will take just a few minutes so keep an eye on them. Serve immediately. These are such large burgers that I enjoy them with just a few potato chips.


Whenever I grill these,everyone wants the recipe! The are very moist and juicy. You can stuff them with anything you like. When I make them, I take orders on what people want theirs to be stuffed with. Besides the mushrooms and chesse being the most asked for, chopped onions and green peppers with cheese are also requested. Thank you