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Nick's Famous Burger

I'd like to interest you in a mouth watering burger that not only appeals to all your 5 sences but will awaken them from all the bland burgers out there . It will send your tastebuds in a frenzy with the touch of spicy jalapeno mixed with tangy BBQ sauce and special seasonings. Ladies and gentlemen... may I present to you, Nick's $50,000 Burger.


Ground Beef
Garlic Powder
Worchester Sauce
Pickled Jalapenos
BBQ Sauce
Hamburger Bun
American Cheese


First, take thawed 1lb. ground beef and add salt, pepper, Tony Chacheres, garlic powder, worchester sauce and diced pickled jalapenos to it. Mix into beef until well coated. Once on the grill and mostly browned, begin to brush the patty with the BBQ sauce. *Option* You may or may not add cheese but it you do, now would be the time. On a warm skillet, spread butter on the hamburger bun until nice, golden and toasty. Add special fixings if desired such as grilled onions, avacado, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, etc.


This truly is an award winning burger of all ages to enjoy. I hope you savor and enjoy all the flavors that have won my family over!!!! Bon appetite!