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MK's Houseburger

My name is Marshall K. Jones , husband , father and grandfather to two. I don't cook often but this is the burger I prepare for family and friends. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


5 pounds ground beef
- 3 eggs
- salt and pepper (to your taste),
- 1 large onion chopped and sauted
- 1 pound of mushrooms chopped and sauted
- 2 Tbs steak seasoning liquid
- 1/4 cup of water
assorted cheeses
hamburger buns


Mix well. Don't over handle the meat. Cover and put into the frig. until you have prepared your cheeses. You can slice, shred, or cube. We use assorted cheeses, you can use Greyre, Gouda, Blue, Swiss. I  use Havarti the most. Save enough cheese to top the burgers off with. I like to make thin slices. Line your tray with lightly oiled wax paper and you make the desired size burger you want. Divide the meat in half, put in your cheese and now form your burger. Make sure the ends are sealed and the cheese is enclosed within the meat. Make sure the grill is HOT. Put your burgers on DON'T PUSH down on them, allow your meat to cook so you only have to flip it once. Place your lightly buttered buns on the grill to toast . Remove buns and burgers and get ready for the best burger you ever had..........