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Loaded Burger

We all love steak, however it is quite expensive, and when we grill we usually our grilling for our family and many of our kids friends, so we have to spread it out. This was put together to stretch out hamburger to feed 10 when it should of fed a lot less. It can be changed up any way that you like, however I can tell you that we do not have left overs with this...


80-to 90% lean hamburger
Worchestershire sauce
shredded cheese
onion soup mix
syeak sauce
sliced cheese for topping of burger 
toasted seeded bun.


Mix hamburger 4 lbs 1/2 cup worchestershire sauce 1 pkg onion soup mix 1/4 cup steak sauce cook bacon, set aside till cool crumble into hamburger mixture mix and add salt and pepper, 2 tsp pepper 1 salt. make into patties, freeze to hold shape. grill till medium well, sit aside, on toasted bun, spred mustard ketchup on each side, add other toppings as wanted.... enjoy the steak bugger on a hamburger budget bun... enjoy.


This is very good and makes alittle stretch a lot. this can also be done with turkey or ground pork or chicken.