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KV's Kicking Burger

Kicking burger for backyard parties! Really easy to make! A great treat for everyone!


2 pounds lean ground beef
1/2 tube breakfast sausage, mild
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1 or 2 eggs lightly beaten, depending on how much wine you use.
3 tlbs. sutter home red wine if using 2 eggs, or 1/4 cup if using 1 egg
salt and pepper to taste
combination on ritz and saltine crackers- approx. 1/4 cup
1 jalepano-finely chopped
1/2 tsp. garlic salt
cheddar cheese, cut into small piece, and some shredded.
Regular Hamburger Bun, Large Size Good on it's own, or optional toppings:
Pickles or just add some pico de guyo to it.


In large bowl mix lean ground beef and breakfast sausage together. Add chopped onion, eggs and wine and mix together. Add in cracker combo. Make sure you get the right consistincey, not too dry or wet, you can add more crackers or wine depending. Add jalepano and garlic salt. Mix with hands very well so all ingredients are belnded. Then patty them up! Patties to about 3/4 inches in height, and just a bit bigger than the bun. Then push into pattie little pieces of cheddar cheese to taste. Grill over medium heat til done. Do NOT over cook or burn. Place shredded cheddar cheese over top of burger just before you are ready to take burger off, for an extra cheesey burger.


This burger is good without the cheese, or you can use other types of cheese if you want. Place on bun and it's ready to eat, or use a variety of condiments...either BBQ sauce, or ketchup...not both...then lettuce, tomatoe, and Pickles!