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I do not know why I was blessed with this gift. Maybe because I was put on this earth to cook hamburgers. There is nothing fancy or special about the ingredients, but people love my burgers. I guess it may be the way I talk to the meat before I cook???


White, regular hamburger buns
Chuck Grounf Beef, hand formed
Montreal Steak seasoning
Black Label Bacon
Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, hand sliced
Iceberg lettuce
kosher dill pickle slices


While forming the patties, I talk to the meat. Now this is secret stuff. I may disclose what I tell it after I win. I form the patties with loving care, thin and wide. I season both sides with montreal steak seasoning. I fire up the griddle portion of my grill. I cook the bacon, but not to crispy. I put melted butter on the buns and grill them. I cook the patties, all the while I am speaking to them. I cook to 140 degrees internal temp. I asemble the burgers with loving care by placing bacon strips and cheese on the patties allowing the cheese to melt a little. The Mayo, Ketchup, Lettuce & Pickles are what I like, but are optional.


I would like to demonstrate this cerimony for you at your convenience. Maybe my backyard? You have to taste these burgers! We have a saying here in Texas "It will make you want to slap your mamma". I would never slap my mother though. She is a sweet, gracious person that loves me very much! I am getting hungry talking about this. I guess I will go to the grocery store and buy some burger fixings! Take care!