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Karate Man Burger

The Karate Man burger is a favorite of family and friends, most of whom are karate practioners and their spouses. The Karate Man burger is the burger you've been looking for with that extra KICK, maybe a punch, an elbow whatever it takes. This is a classic western food with some surprise asian flare. It STRIKES a balance of big flavors to some more subtle background tastes. This burger goes down great with our special PUNCH. A cold beverage I mean, of course.


Ground Chuck (medium grind)
garlic salt
black pepper
Worstershire sauce 
Mayo Salad Dressing
wasabi paste
chili paste
thinly sliced seedless cucumber
thinly sliced red onion
coarsely chopped cilantro
apple cider vinegar
sugar or sugar substitute
Hoisin Sauce
deli slice provolone cheese
Grilled Sesame Hamburger Bun
and a kiai!


(For about four half pound burgers) Mix in a bowl 2 lbs of ground chuck with a tablespoon of garlic salt, couple of good cranks of the pepper mill (teaspoon?), and five to six good splashes of Worstershire sauce. Pat out four big burgers. Start the grill. Mix one cup of mayo salad dressing with a tablespoon of wasabi paste and a teaspoon of chili paste. Set aside to spread on grilled bun. Peel and thinly slice seedless cucumber and medium size red onion. Couresly chop 1/2 cup of cilantro leaves. Add to bowl with cup of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar. Also add a little pepper to taste. Let marinate while cooking burger. Do not do this to long in advance that the cucumbers soften. Grill burgers on hot grill for 4-5 minutes untill meduim rare. Grill sesame hamburger buns lightly. Try to flip burgers once during cooking. Just before removing burgers lightly baste with Hoisin Sauce on both sides, allowing both basted sides to cook sauce slightly. Finally place single slice of provolone cheese with just enough time to start melting, then remove burgers and buns. BURGER ASSEMBLY Generously put salad dressing mix on both top and bottom bun. Place burger on bottom bun. Drain a good scoop of cucumber/onion mix and place on cheese burger. Finish off with grilled sesame bun top. Last but not least, give a loud kiai (shout) because the karate man burger is going to get in your face!


We like to accompany the burger with some chinese broccoli slaw. And an ice cold adult or children version of our special fruit PUNCH blend. We have substituted a vegi burger with the same grilling technique and condiments for our vegitarian friends. The karate man says, "Know yourself and know your burger and in a 100 barbeques you will never know defeat." Thanks for time and consideration.