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juicy kristal cheese burger

This is a stuffed cheeseburger that has juices running from wrist to elbow. The burger is served on a fresh bakery bun that is rubbed with roasted garlic, and also has mayo, baby spinach, and a thin sliced sweet onion. A gourmet twist on a classic cheeseburger.


Ingredients for two Juicy Kristal Cheeseburgers:
Two large fresh baked kaiser rolls "
1 1/4 pounds fresh ground chuck
1/4 pound pepper jack cheese
6 leaves baby spinach
1/4 cup mayo
1head garlic
1 small vidalia or other sweet onion
1 tablespoon rosemary
salt and pepper to taste


Start by making two equal sized patties for each burger. Patties should be about 5to 6 inches in diameter and about 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. Place cut cheese on one of the patties so there is 3/4 inch around the edge. Put other patty on top and pinch the edges to seal the cheese in. Cut the top off of the garlic and wrap in foil. Place garlic on grill over coals and cover; cook for 20 minutes. Take equal parts of the rosemary and sprinkle on burgers; do the same with the salt and pepper. Press the seasonings into the meat to avoid them falling off during cooking. Move garlic to side of grill and place burgers over the coals cook on both sides for seven minutes each. After burgers are done spread roasted garlic on roll add onion, mayo, and spinach and enjoy.


These burgers are served medium and are juicy as can be. My inspiration is from my wife Kristal who I make them for she loves them. One bite of the Juicy Kristal Burger and you'll see that they are aptly named.