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Jojo's Game-Steak Burger

This is a comination of Elk steak (heavily pounded/tenderized) and ground chuck). You can not match the flavor of a combo Elk/beef burger with the flavors I have inroduced into this recipe!


1 lb Elk sirloin tip
1/2 lb ground chuck (70-80%lean depending on your preference)
1 egg
1 tsp "more spice" seasoning
1/2 contents of one packet of dry ranch salad dressing (any brand will work)
1 tsp minced garlic
2 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce


1-Tenderize-POUND the Elk sirloin until it is "workable into a patty form" 2-Blend the ground chuck with the Elk by kneading it for a few minutes 3-beat the egg , then add it to the meat mixture 4-sprinkle the seasonings over the meat 5- knead-in the seasonings 6-Form the patties to the deired size. These patties will shrink less than a full beef briger due to the lean Elk meat 7-Throw those bad boys onto the grill (I always included some wood chips)hickory or mesquite) in some foil on under the grill-close to the fire some some assed smoke flavor 8-Slightly toast some sesame seed buns (meat side) 9-add some sliced red onion, lettuce, mustard, ketchup and you have yourself the best burger you have ever tasted


I always make variations of the meat mixture and have found that the above mixture is perfect for moisture in the finished product. I also sautee soem red onions and mushroom quite often. Use you imagination , but stick to the main idea abopve and you can not go wrong.