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Hot & Spicy Giavonni Burger

This burger was a creation of mine when everything else was getting boring and I always have to keep my kids interested. I took the regular version of a Giavonni (locally-that is a square patty of ground meat, grilled in between two pieces of Texas Toast with peppers and sauce and yellow american cheese)and made it a little more like a burger. I use these great peppers in oil that a local lady makes here in WV and they are out of this world! I hope it is a new twist on the great American tradition!


Ground Beef
Ground Round
Garlic Powder
Yellow American Cheese
For peppers in oil:
Red Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Olive Oil
Long Hoagie roll (Rectangular)
Oil for Grill Rack


This is the breakdown for 1 burger: Step 1- Take 1/4 lb of Ground Beef and 1/4 lb of Ground Round and mix together to form a rectangular patty. Step 2- Prepare saute pan for peppers-needs to be hot-let olive oil get hot in pan also. Step 3-Clean and cut peppers up, leaving some of the seeds in, depending on the amount of heat desired. Saute peppers in oil and add a little vinegar until tender-the oil, peppers and vinegar will form a sauce. Step 4-On a hot grill, cook burger until done and take Yellow American cheese and let melt on patty. Step 5-Take Hoagie Roll and brush lightly with Butter and grill on all sides until golden and crispy. Step 6-Place patty on roll and add the peppers in oil as a topping. Step 7-Enjoy!


I hope that you enjoy this tasty burger as my much as my family does-even my kids think it is great! I hope to be able to share the wonderful peppers in oil that I get to make it with-they are truely one-of-a-kind. Thanks!