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Great American Frontier Burger

This burger was inspired by the pioneers who lived on jerky.


5Lbs Fresh Ground Chuck
Your favorite Beef jerky mix for 5Lbs
1/4 cup sutters wine ( Sauvignon)
Goat cheese 
Kaiser rolls Buttered & Toasted
Stone ground Grey Poupon Mustard


Add only 1/4 of the salt that goes to 5lbs of meat and all of the seasoning packets for the full 5lbs. This should be added to the meat before grinding to ensure a full coverage of the seasoning. Add 1/4 cup of Sutters wine to this mixture and mix well. Let stand for one half hour in the cooler. Make your patties about 3/4 inch to 1 inch thick and grill slowly. When the burger has been flipped you can grill the buttered rolls. To assemble place the burger on to the bun add the thin sliced cheese or the goat cheese put the mustard on the top bun and serve.


Cooking slow will allow the seasoning to give you the full flavor of jerky with the juicyness of a burger I hope you enjoy this as well as we do. Thank you Bert