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Grandma Dolby burger with a twist of June

When I was little my grandma Dolby would make hamburgs. She would add the onions inside the burger. I always loved them. The twist of me is adding the asparagus(sneaking that veggie in there) the rest has come over time Enjoy!!


90% Ground beef -1pound
Balsamic Vinegar generous pouring
Garlic- at least one clove
Onion- 1/4 cup
Asparagus-1 bunch
Extra sharp cheese-slice up half a block
Fresh Rolls from Bakery I
f serving to adults you can also add desired red wine to marinade condiments - I like a little sour cream mixed with a little horshradish on the top part of my bun


Mix Ground beef with cut up onions and garlic (cut size to your liking)Add salt and pepper, make into desired pattie. Place in shallow bowl and soak in balsamic vinegar. (Depending on how hungry I am is how long it will marinade for) Warm up Grill. Meanwhile Steam Asparagus. When done cut lengthwise.Set aside. Place burger on well heated grill. Cook to perfection. (For me that's very well done.) Place rolls on top rack on grill to toast.Turn roll up and add cheese to melt Build your burger Place burger on roll top with tender asparagus. add desired condiments , see above if you like a little pizazz!


Have mints available to your guest. Should they need them after dinner