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Goat cheese and roasted red pepper beef burger

Hi! My name is Kerrie and if it's any kind of warm here in Colorado, I'm out on the grill. I love to cook, but especially cook on the grill! Nothing is better than anything coming off the grill with the smokiness of the charcoal with a touch of mesquite. Ahhh! Whatever I decide to cook, it's always got my secret ingredient - love. Could anything be more perfect?!


80/20 beef
olive oil
white wine
grill seasoning
seafood seasoning
goat cheese
roasted red peppers


1. Take a pound and a half of 80/20 beef and put into bowl. Drizzle some olive oil for moisture until meat is wet. Add only a splash of white wine (any kind you like), just for an extra BAM! Then add a dash of salt and pepper. Next, add 2 tsp. of grill seasoning, a tsp. of minced garlic, just a pinch of seafood seasoning for a kick. Drizzle some olive oil on 2 red bell peppers and char on grill until they are blistered. Keep turning until all sides are blistered. Peel away the blistered skin and cut into slices to fit over the burger. Form beef mixture into patties and put a few crumbles of goat cheese in the middle. Grill burger until they are done the way you like. Place red bell pepper slices on top of the burger and place onion slices on top. Then put on bun and ENJOY!!!


The burger is the best, in my opionion at medium rare - medium well. The tanginess from the goat cheese mixed with the smooth, smokey flavor of the red peppers and the crunch of the onion is very appealing! I can't wait to hear from you!